1. Learn 7 Powerful Memory Techniques To Memorise Information Personally & Professionally Like Speeches, Presentations, Meeting Agendas.

2. Never Forget A Name Again: Remember Names Of Clients & People You Meet Like A Memory Master.

3. Learn The World’s Easiest Memory Technique To Memorise Important Dates & Financial Digits Rapidly.

4. Never Miss Another Work Or Personal Appointment Ever Again, Guaranteed!

5. Learn The Secrets Memory Competitors & Wall Street Traders Do To Keep Their Focus And Concentration Levels Through The Roof.

6. Simple Strategies To Help You Remember Where You Placed Daily Objects Like: Where Did I Put My Keys? Where Are My Glasses? Did I Lock The Door? Where Did I Park The Car?

7. Learn How To Transfer Information From Your Short-Term To Long-Term Memory.

8. How Our Local Diet Is Progressively Worsening Our Memory. Learn Best Diet Of For A Good Memory; Foods To Eat And Avoid For Your Memory.

9. Easy Ways To Minimize The Risk Of Memory Deterioration As You Age.

10. All You Need Is 5 Minutes A Day For The Next One Month To 10X Your Memory.

11. How To Stand Out During Meetings: Learn How To Memorize Your Meeting Agendas.

12. Simple Memory Strategies: How To Remember What You Read.


Date & Time: 7 SEPTEMBER2019,  9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: S$598.97 (NO GST)

Location: 138 ROBINSON ROAD, #28-03, SINGAPORE 068906

Max Class Size: 6

Be Personally Trained by a 2x World & National Memory Record Holder.

Register NOW & Get 1 YEAR ACCESS To Our Online Memory Mastery Course Worth $1899.97 for FREE.

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“My Name is Sancy Suraj, The Founder & Chief Trainer At Pinnacle Minds. I Formed Pinnacle Minds in 2011 To Spread The Knowledge of Memory Improvement Techniques”

My Qualifications:

I Represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships in 2011. There I memorized, 176 abstract images in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes, 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 51 names, and faces in 15 minutes, 460 binary digits in 30 minutes.

I held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized in 2011. For that record, I memorized 160 colours in 5 minutes 20 seconds and recalled all colours in perfect sequence.

I hold the Singapore record for pi memorization and recitation. For that record, I memorized & recalled 1505 digits in 30 mins in perfect order. That event was sponsored by RedBull and GNC.

I have Worked With Over 100 companies and some of them include Multi-Billion Dollar Companies like Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore, Maybank, United Overseas Bank, Mapletree Investment, GIC, Nasdaq.

Sancy Suraj
Sancy Suraj

I’m the founder of Pinnacle Minds, a memory training company based in Singapore that was founded in 2011. I have taught Over 40,000 adults & students since then through workshops, courses and lectures.

I’m also a published author. You can find my book is the following stores: Apple BooksBarnes & Noble.

Below Is a List of My Clients For Both Corporate Organisations & Schools

Pinnacle Minds Clients

Questions? Speak To Me, Your Trainer, Directly.

Call me during office hours at +65 6935 7406

or email me outside office hours at

“The memory techniques thought by Sancy are extremely simple to apply yet highly effective. I especially love the part of names and faces. My job requires me to memorise names quickly. Now I no longer struggle.”

Jeremy Koh, Citibank, Singapore
Memory Training Singapore

“Master Sancy teaches the fundamentals of memory work and everything was broken to manageable size. Memory is made easy applicable to day to day work and living with these simple techniques. Thanks!”

Desmond Ong, China Construction Bank, Singapore

“Really interesting and helpful. Memory empowerment is an important skill to have to excel in. This is especially true in my line of work. Thank you so much, Sancy.”

Navin Kumar, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Singapore

1 Year Access To 8 Online Memory Courses Worth $1899.97 When You Register Now!

Memory Improvement Course

Course 1: Step by Step Memory Technique To Memorize a Speech Quickly

Course 2: How to Memorize a Presentation Fast and Deliver It Without Notes

Course 3: How to Never Forget a Name: The Science of Memory Technique

Course 4: How to Remember More of What You Read: What to do Before, During, & After Reading Anything

Course 5: The Method of Loci Mastery Blueprint Course: Memorize Large Chunks of Information Quickly

Course 6: Easy Memory Techniques To Memorize General Knowledge Facts

Polytechnic Students Memory Course

Course 7: How To Memorize Foreign Languages At Lightening Speed

Course 8: How to Memorize a Shuffled Deck of Cards in Less Than 2 minutes

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