Memory Training For Secondary School Students in Singapore

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore schools, even in a study skills course. So while the better Singapore school & teachers might help you with reading, writing, organising, & test strategies, far too many of them will “forget” to assist you with your memory. How quickly a student gets through their reading material is immaterial. What’s material is how much of the material gets through to those students.Our memory improvement workshops are conducted throughout the year, especially more during school holidays.This Singapore memory training course is designed for students from Secondary 1 right up to students sitting for their N level or O level examinations.

At the end of this memory improvement workshop, students will be able to:

  • Effectively use Mnemonic Techniques for Rapid Memorisation & Recall
  • Eliminate Rote Memorisation; Saving Valuable Study Time
  • Store Information in their Long-term Memory
  • Triple Your Recall Ability
  • Explore & Develop their Creative, Visual & Imaginative Skills
  • Improve Concentration, Observation & overcome Absent-mindedness
  • Develop Higher Self-Confidence; Better Memory
  • Practice Mental Filling to Prevent One from “Blanking Out” During Exams
  • Enhance Interest/ Hobbies by Building a Large Fund of Knowledge


  • In Class Evaluation: Student’s Initial Memorisation & Recall Capability
  • The Ultimate 7 Memory Techniques
  • Developing & Applying Unique & Personalised Memorisation Strategy
  • Incorporating Both Sides of The Brain For Rapid Memorisation
  • Useful Techniques for Memorising Essay, Notes, Presentations, Lists, Steps
  • Valuable Mnemonic Technique For Memorising Numbers, Dates, Formulas
  • Powerful Tools For Memorising Facts & Figures, Reminders, To-do Lists
  • Simple Yet Highly Reliable Mnemonic Principles for Various School Subjects
  • Effective Techniques to Overcome Absentmindedness
  • Superior Methods to Unleash Creativity & Imagination While Memorising
  • Revolutionary Techniques to Improve Concentration & Observational Skills
  • Stress & Nutrition on One’s Memory
  • Reason Why Memory Fail & Successful Ways to Remedy Such Failures
  • Esoteric Memory Games That Work
  • In Class Evaluation: Memorisation & Recall At The End of Workshop
  • Practical Mental Filling of Information 4 Quick Access During Examinations
  • The Fundamental Relationship Between Learning & Memory


Secondary School English

  • Learn & Never Forget New Vocabulary & Idioms, Proverbs, Synonyms
  • Remember Key Phrases & Expressions for Composition & Letter Writing
  • Never Misspell Words Again
  • Mentally File Descriptive Sentences for Compositions

Secondary School Math/POA

  • Memorise Formulas
  • Retain Steps, Symbols, Notations in Calculations to Avoid Careless Mistakes

Secondary School Science

  • Easy ways to Memorise all Scientific Laws, Definitions, Concepts & Theories
  • Remember & Execute Experimental Steps/Techniques in their Proper Order
  • Memorise Scientific Vocabulary, Terminology, Conversions & Formulas
  • Memorise & Recall Essay Questions for Theory Papers

Secondary School History

  • How to Memorise Historical Facts
  • Techniques for Quick & Easy Retention of Important Dates Throughout History

Secondary School Geography

  • Retain Crucial Facts, Concepts, Processes Interactions & Trends
  • Geographical Data Interpretation
  • Techniques for Memorising Map Symbols at your Fingertips

Secondary School Literature

  • Effectively Memorise Plot, Sequence, Style, Characters, Style & Viewpoints
  • Memorise Important Details, Informations, Quotes of the Book

Secondary School Social Studies

  • Learn how to Memorise Key Facts For Case Study
  • Memorise Concepts and Terms Appropriate to the Syllabus Various Topics.




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