Primary School Memory Training Course Singapore


At the end of this memory training improvement course students will be able to:

  • Effectively use Mnemonic Techniques for Rapid Memorisation & Recall
  • Eliminate Rote Memorisation; Saving Valuable Study Time
  • Learn to Store Information in their Long-term Memory
  • Triple Your Recall Ability Quickly
  • Explore & Develop their Creative, Visual & Imaginative Skills
  • Improve Concentration, Observation & overcome Absent-mindedness
  • Develop Higher Self-Confidence; Better Memory
  • Practice Mental Filling to Prevent One from “Blanking Out” During Exams
  • Enhance Interest/ Hobbies by Building a Large Fund of Knowledge


  • In Class Evaluation: Student’s Initial Memorisation & Recall Capability
  • The Ultimate 7 Memory Techniques
  • Developing & Applying Unique & Personalised Memorisation Strategy
  • Incorporating Both Sides of The Brain For Rapid Memorisation
  • Super Useful Techniques for Memorising Essay, Notes, Presentations, Lists, Steps
  • Valuable Mnemonic Technique For Memorising Numbers, Dates, Formulas
  • Powerful Tools For Memorising Facts & Figures, Reminders, To-do Lists
  • 8 Simple Yet Highly Reliable Mnemonic Principles for Various School Subjects
  • Effective Techniques to Overcome Absentmindedness
  • Superior Methods to Unleash Creativity & Imagination While Memorising
  • Revolutionary Techniques to Improve Concentration & Observational Skills
  • Stress & Nutrition on One’s Memory
  • Reason Why Memory Fail & Successful Ways to Remedy Such Failures
  • Esoteric Memory Games That Work
  • In Class Evaluation: Memorisation & Recall At The End of Workshop
  • Practical Mental Filling of Information 4 Quick Access During Examinations
  • The Fundamental Relationship Between Learning & Memory


Primary School English

  • Learn & Never Forget New Vocabulary & Idioms, Proverbs, Synonyms
  • Remember Key Phrases & Expressions for Composition & Letter Writing
  • Never Misspell Words Again
  • Mentally File Descriptive Sentences for Compositions

Primary School Math

  • Memorise Formulas
  • Retain Steps, Symbols, Notations in Calculations to Avoid Careless Mistakes

Primary School Science

  • Easy ways to Memorise all Scientific Laws, Definitions, Concepts & Theories
  • Remember & Execute Experimental Steps/Techniques in their Proper Order
  • Memorise Scientific Vocabulary, Terminology, Conversions & Formulas
  • Memorise & Recall Essay Questions for Theory Papers