Corporate Team Building Activities Singapore on Memory Improvement


Team Building Singapore on Memory Improvement

Are you bored of conducting the same old team building activities for your employees.  If so, why not try our corporate memory improvement workshop.  Participants will not only have the opportunity to work with their colleagues but also work on themselves.

Our memory classes range from half a day to two full days and the course ware can be contextualised to suit your organisational, departmental and participation needs. Our classes are also conducted in house.By choosing our classes, HR is essentially killing two birds with one stone; conducting a team building and a training session.

Below are just a few of the list of topics that can be taught to your participants:


1.1 Acquire The Mind-Set of A Memory Genius

1.2 Understand The Memory Process

1.3 Apply The Use of Mnemonic Techniques to Develop A Phenomenal Memory

1.4 Develop One’s Own Strategies for Rapid Memorisation

1.5 Use Both Sides of The Brain for Effective Memorisation & Recall

1.6 Use Creativity & Imagination When Memorising


2.1 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise & Retain New Vocabulary & Definitions

2.2 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise a Foreign Language Rapidly

2.3 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Numbers, Facts & Figures, Dates,

2.4 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Reminders & Appointments

2.5 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Presentation, Speeches & Meetings, Notes

2.6 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Information from Books, Newspapers & Articles

2.7 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Names & Faces

2.8 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Information Pertaining to One’s Profession

2.9 Apply Memory Techniques to Retain Information When Training to Learn a New Skill

2.10 Apply Memory Techniques to Remember Where You Have Placed Your Personal Items


3.1 Use Effective Strategies & Tools to Mentally File Information

3.2 Technology & Your Memory

3.3 The Effects of Multi-Tasking on Your Brain

3.4 Manage Information Overload Effectively in Both Work & Social Life

3.5 Apply Easy Techniques to Reduce Absent-mindedness & Mental Blockades

3.6 Develop Even More Powerful Attention, Focus & Concentration Skills

3.7 Understand How Stress & Nutrition Can Impact One’s Memory

3.8 Understand the Reasons Why Memory Fail Us & Remedies to Prevent Such Failure

3.9 Practice Playing Fun Memory Games That Actually Work on Improving Your Memory


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