Short Courses in Singapore on Memory Improvement Skills

At Pinnacle Minds, gain a sustainable head start over your peers by learning the techniques to improving your memory and learning capability. The company believes in unlocking the brain’s potential for mentally storing and filing long term information in a systematic way for easy recall and retrieval.

Pinnacle Minds, is also one of Singapore’s fastest growing Corporate Memory Training Company for short courses in Singapore. We are made up of a group of skillfully motivated professionals that specialises in the teachings of superior lifelong memory improvement techniques. This knowledge is instilled and imparted through its well-structured workshops, enrichment classes and short courses in Singapore. The company provides and ensures that the highest standards are met when it comes to teaching these techniques.

With our short courses in Singapore, instructors mainly employ mnemonic techniques which are meant to help individuals translate huge chunks of information into a form that the human brain can retain better. Learn how these tips will help you remember and retain new vocabulary, learn foreign languages rapidly, and memorize important numbers such as dates and personal PIN numbers.

Professional participants will also benefit from this course as it also covers the techniques to remembering presentations and facts without having to take notes, while business people will be glad to know there is a tried and tested method to remembering the names and faces of their working counterparts better. Also discover the various factors that affect one’s memory, such as stress and nutrition, and pick up easy ways to remedy such lapses in our short courses in Singapore.

Memory Masters Short Courses in Singapore Training Objectives:

By the End of this short course in Singapore, participants will be able to:

1.1 Improve Attention: The True Art of Memory is The Art of Attention

1.2 Acquire The Mind-Set of A Memory Genius

1.3 Understand The Memory Process

1.4 Apply The Use of Mnemonic Techniques to Develop A Phenomenal Memory

1.5 Develop One’s Own Strategies for Rapid Memorisation

1.6 Use Both Sides of The Brain for Effective Memorisation & Recall

1.7 Use Creativity & Imagination When Memorising

2.1 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise & Retain New Vocabulary & Definitions

2.2 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise a Foreign Language Rapidly

2.3 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Numbers, Facts & Figures, Dates,

2.4 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Reminders & Appointments

2.5 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Presentation, Speeches & Meetings, Notes

2.6 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Information from Books, Newspapers & Articles

2.7 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Names & Faces

2.8 Apply Memory Techniques to Memorise Information Pertaining to One’s Profession

2.9 Apply Memory Techniques to Retain Information When Training to Learn a New Skill

2.10 Apply Memory Techniques to Remember Where You Have Placed Your Personal Items

3.1 Use Effective Strategies & Tools to Mentally File Information

3.2 Technology & Your Memory

3.3 The Effects of Multi-Tasking on Your Brain

3.4 Manage Information Overload Effectively in Both Work & Social Life

3.5 Apply Easy Techniques to Reduce Absent-mindedness & Mental Blockades

3.6 Develop Even More Powerful Attention, Focus & Concentration Skills

3.7 Understand How Stress & Nutrition Can Impact One’s Memory

3.8 Understand the Reasons Why Memory Fail Us & Remedies to Prevent Such Failure

3.9 Practice Playing Fun Memory Games That Actually Work on Improving Your Memory

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