Lunch and Learn Singapore Talks on Memory Improve Skills for Corporate Professionals (Conducted in-house)

About our Lunch & Learn Session

In this lunch and learn Singapore talk organised by Pinnacle Minds, your participants will be exposed to some of the best memory improvement techniques that there is out there. Participants will leave inspired, motivated and most importantly, more confident in their memory abilities. Our lunch and learn Singapore talk can be customised according to our participants needs.

The Lunch & Learn Content:

You Have An Amazing Memory: In this first part of the lunch & learn talk, we prove to each participants, through academic research, that they have an amazing memory to begin with. All this while what was lacking was simply the right memory techniques. We demonstrate that regardless of educational background, mental abilities or age, memory can be improved. The Different Types of Memorisation: There are different types of memorisation, some more effective than others. This part of the lunch and learn talk covers the essential type of memorisation one should focus on for maximum effectiveness. Also, how by using the right type of memorisation, an individual can save heaps of time.

The Four Powerful Memory Techniques: This lunch and learn talk will cover four major memory techniques. After each technique is taught, a small example is given in term of an application exercise. These application exercises will be relevant to the participants social and work life, thus making the learning process more meaningful.

The Link Memory Techniques: Participants will learn an effective technique used for memorising any type of lists, steps or checklists. Two relevant examples will be given here during the application exercise.

The Number-Rhyme Memory Technique: Participants will learn how to rapidly memorise foreign language numbers. This lunch and learn talk session will use Japanese as an example. Within 5 minutes, participants will be able to recite 1 to 10 in Japanese. The best part is that these numbers will be encoded in their brains forever.

The Roman Room Memory technique: This technique will enable participants to memorise large chunks of information, such as memorising presentations, speeches, meetings, memorising their client’s or organisational bio. A real life example relating to their work will also be presented here as an application exercise.

The Names-Faces Memory Technique: Here participants will learn all the necessary tools needed to be a master at remembering people’s names and faces. There is no need to read a 200 page book on how to memorise names and faces. All the essential techniques, steps and rules that are associated with names and faces memorisation will be covered in this last technique.

Nutrition for Optimal Memory: There are many types of food out there that claims to improve one’s memory. In this section of the talk, learn what’s good and what’s bad. Also, get the facts on memory improvement supplements, know what to avoid and what to take. Get the special diet that memory masters are on.

Games for a Flawless Memory: Here participants will learn some of the best memory games used by the memory professionals around the world. All of the games that will be shared during this lunch and learn Singapore talk cannot be found on the internet; these games have been a well kept secret for centuries.

Mild Forgetfulness Vs Serious Memory Problem: There is a huge difference between mild forgetfulness and a serious memory problem such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. In this lunch and learn Singapore talk, participants will be taught how to spot that difference as well as the signs and symptoms of such memory disease and know when to seek help.

Question & Answers:  A 10 to 20 minute Q&A session will follow right after the lunch and learn talk.


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