Lunch And Garden Talk With P. Allen Smith And, A Give (2)

The Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) Lunch Seminars present a range of talks representing the diverse interests of CSML. School nutrition staff strive to make lunchtime the favorite part of every student’s day. Captain Purplebeard and his crew heard tale of amazing treasure from an odd looking old fiddler. As I write this, I’m thinking about lunch, one of the three highlights of my day.

Instead of the now familiar images of skyscrapers, mega-events, new fashion, and globalization, the groups discussed in this talk envision courtyard homes, sacred rituals, traditional robes, and a homogenizing ethnic purity as embodying the proper essence of China, an eternal land of rites and etiquette.” Drawing upon ethnographic research conducted with members of the Han Clothing Movement and other traditionalist associations in the Pearl River Delta and beyond, this talk examines the rise of social movements dedicated to a fundamentally conservative vision of Chineseness within an increasingly complex society. This talk will analyze how this metaphor is manifested multimodally, i.e. through visual and aural as well as verbal discourse.

Please note that the table configurations are subject to change; if a presenter is no longer able to attend the Shop Talk lunch, GrubStreet makes every effort to replace that person with a similar presenter. Other projects include television series like Stripped (John Davis Ent), and Confessions of a Sociopath (Scott Stuber Productions). She has directed numerous television shows and five feature-length motion pictures, including The Day Laborers (aka Los Jornaleros) which was distributed through HBO and Blockbuster. Her debut memoir, Know the Night: A Memoir of Survival in the Small Hours is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster and Knopf Canada in March, 2014. Since 2009, she’s been director of marketing for Simon & Schuster’s adult publishing group.

Executive Director of Alumni and Constituent Affairs John Valva will kick off the series on Friday, July 18, 12 to 1 p.m. in Franklin Lobby 1. The brainchild of former Chief Financial Officer Peter Taylor and former CFO Chief of Staff Maria Anguiano, the series was designed to provide a greater working understanding of the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by sister departments, divisions and colleagues within UCOP. The Chicago Architecture Foundation is pleased to present this Lunch Talk in partnership the Chicago Women in Architecture for the special exhibition, Women Building Change: Chicago Women in Architecture Celebrates 40 Years. A brown-bag seminar, session or lunch is generally a training or information session during a lunch break The term “brown bag” refers to the packed lunch meals that are either brought along by the attendees or provided by the host. The children will learn why a town is created and what it needs to become successful. Talk about yourself.

Michelle Obama and/or Congress have absolutely NO business dictating what you feed your children for lunch. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and when I was young that’s what I took in my lunch nearly every day. Included in my lunch box were a couple of pennies to buy my carton of milk to go with my P&J each lunch. I’d gladly debate this woman any day regarding the needs of children and the overreach of her so-called authority in American families. Also, we encourage you to make up your own flyer announcing your talk. Then the next day I went home with her again.

Lunch is navy bean soup, chicken salad on a roll and assorted cookies and peanut butter brownies. All of its programs and events are supported by membership and course registration fees and donations from members and friends. Perhaps that’s why I was first drawn to, and then moved by, Jarrett J. Krosoczka ‘s story about his children’s books – really graphic novels – about lunch lady superheroes. Yes, it’s fun to think about the possibility that the ubiquitous lunch ladies of our public schools are secretly lunch talk super-heroes serving justice along with meatloaf. And it’s not just preachers and lunch ladies; it’s the mail carrier and restaurant server and administrative assistant and school teacher and election day volunteer and sales clerk and Sunday greeter and school bus driver and all the other people with whom we cross paths regularly. I have no idea, but perhaps after watching these five inspirational moments of Krosoczka’s Ted Talk we’ll be more likely to. Thanks for sharing this TED Talk. That’s why.