Exercise Training Increases Size Of Hippocampus And Improves Memory

To find out, researchers from the University of California , Irvine (UCI) examined more than 50 adults between the ages 50 to 85, half of whom had memory deficits and half of whom were mentally healthy. Performing physical activities (particularly when you do all three kinds: general physical activity, stretching and flexibility, and stamina building) helps improve long-term memory and brain function. Where does irisin come from? Need some ways in which you can improve your memory?

Just try an exercise program for six weeks or so and just see if you don’t notice a tremendous difference in your energy level and the quickness of your mind. However, I have not seen any evidence (yet) that lifting weights strengthens your memory. Several years back there was a great article in Men’s Fitness magazine that listed 44 benefits of eating right, lifting weights, and doing aerobic exercise. And this happy mental image can actually motivate you to get to the gym — like today. Researchers asked about 150 students to recall either a positive or negative memory that would increase their motivation to exercise; other students were not asked to recall a motivational memory (the control group). The researchers found that students who remembered a positive exercise memory reported significantly higher levels of subsequent exercise than those who were not asked to recall a memory about exercise. Other rats ran on wheels to mimic aerobic exercise.

In the meantime, use what they do know: that exercising these neurons can improve your memory and possibly stave off dementia. In honor of Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month , spend some time getting to know your brain a little better. This knowledge is essential to understanding how you can keep your brain healthy, and why these different strategies work. Even though the brain doesn’t account for much of your body weight, it uses 20% of your body’s energy to PSLE workshops function. It contains the long axons of neurons that relay signals and coordinate different areas of the brain. However, it’s not enough for your brain cells simply to fire in the same patterns over and over. From moment to moment, throughout your life, your neurons need to rewire themselves based on your genes and experiences. Even if scientists could record the network of a whole brain in an instant, it would only capture a single frame of a lifelong movie.

In addition to stimulating new brain cells, exercise also increases BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which leads directly to brain cells binding to one another. Aerobic exercise- and you need to get your heart rate up- also leads directly, and immediately to improved focus and concentration. Following a half hour of strenuous exercise, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex works harder to resist distracters and performance on tests of attention improves.

Since I had success with the dual n back, I decided to look at and try a couple of the other brain fitness and memory exercise programs out there, and both proved to be beneficial also. The other program I tried is the brain child of Michael Merzenich,Ph.D., one of the world’s leading experts in neuroplasticity, and it has been put to the test in the recently published IMPACT study. So, you memory exercise folks, who grew up reading Harry Lorayne’s material on memory, try his tools out after increasing your brain fitness with the computerized brain fitness tools. And if we do nothing to keep it running and in action, the brain power becomes lesser and lesser. We need to force the brain to keep working and to keep testing its powers.

This degeneration of brain power makes itself very clear in the way in which we carry out our regular activities. Or recalling where we’ve kept the keys, the remote, our specs… are all instances of what happens when you let your brain become sluggish. And while there are several ways of doing that, one of the most interesting ways is to use memory improvement games for the same. To make things easier, let’s have two sections of the improve memory games―for kids and adults. That’s not to say that each category cannot play the games meant for the others. Puzzles ~ Solving puzzles is one of the best exercise for your brain. That’s right: an immediate intelligence boost through exercise.